Bring the Gourmet Experience Home

We are living in a golden age of food culture, when everyone is looking for the newest superfood, seasonal menu, or recipe. Still, finding the same quality ingredients as used in the world’s best restaurants has become a treasure hunt through various specialty food stores, farmers markets, and local artisans. But grocery shopping doesn’t need to be so complicated. We’re here to bring out the chef in you to create meals for yourself and the ones you love. 

Why We Created Jansal Valley 

We created Jansal Valley to continue our over 100 year legacy of dedication to providing the highest quality specialty foods, passed down through four generations. 

Curated with Care 

For over four generations we’ve established long-standing relationships with the producers we work with, sharing meals with their families and learning about the intricacies of their craft. 

A Legacy of Specialty Foods 

Our wholesale business, established in 1914 has long been known for supplying the world’s top restaurants, chefs, resorts, and more. We are industry leaders in quality, food safety, and staying on the cutting edge of food trends. 

Our Promise 

Jansal Valley will not be found on any map. It is a place deep in our hearts, named for our children: Jamie, Andrew, Sara & Allie. If it comes from Jansal Valley, it comes with our promise of quality that honors their names.